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The Basic of Air Conditioner: How does It Work?

If you have an AC in your home, you might need to set aside your money for air conditioner servicing. But, how does an air conditioner work? You might need to take a look at this article and find out the most basic thing about AC so you can skip unnecessary steps that could harm your unit.
So, an air conditioner is working as a heat exchanger. It absorbs the warm air in the house and passes it out through a series of the cooling coil then blows the cool air inside the room. The cooling cycle commonly consists of two basic steps: condensation and evaporation. And when it comes to the cooling cycle, there are four important parts such as:

  • Freon or cooling agent;
  • Evaporator coils;
  • Condenser coils;
  • And compressor.

Compression and condensation
The coolant gets into the compressor as a cold gas with low pressure after it is compressed. The compression will increase the pressure and temperature of the coolant. Whenever the gas is converted into liquid, the heat is released. This is why an air conditioner will always require a condenser fan.

Expansion and evaporation
The hot liquid with its high pressure will pass through the other set of the coils named evaporator coils. This is where the thing starts evaporated into a gas with low pressure. After the liquid changes to gas and starts evaporating, the substance will extract the heat from the warm air in your room. It makes the air that comes in contact the coils becomes cooled and later will be blown back to the room by the evaporator fan. 
When the working fluid walks away from the evaporator, it becomes a low-pressure gas with a cool temperature. The process is repeated over and over. Understanding the cycle may help you to stay away from air conditioner servicing for a bit.

One Thing to Consider When Air Conditioner Services

Since AC is the most used tech in the houses, the needs of the Air Conditioner Servicing is skyrocketing, especially in the humid and dusty country such as the Asian and Middle East.  This is very normal since the tech is very sensitive and even the slightest disturbances could lead your machine into catastrophe. You need to avoid that and the best way to avoid your AC to become the junk is to regularly inspect it, so that you can know the problem earlier and solve it as soon as you can.

In the dusty and humid countries, there are two things that the AC will encounter most, which is the broken filter and also overheat coil. The filter is obvious, since it makes the air cleaner and safer and I doing that, the filter could get clogged and also rusted. The coil is the one that transfer power inside the AC and it could get easily overheated once the AC is working too hard. To avoid this, you need to isolate the room in which you put your AC units, and if that still happens, then you need to call in the Aircon Servicing Singapore.