Old Sheriff Department

Triad Program 

TRIAD was introduced in Oldham County by Sheriff Steve Sparrow for the senior citizens. It consists of a three-way effort among the Oldham County Sheriff, the police chiefs in the county, and the senior leadership in the area, who agree to work together to reduce the criminal victimization of older citizens and enhance the delivery of law enforcement services to this population. TRIAD provides the opportunity for the exchange of information between law enforcement and senior citizens. It focuses on reducing unwarranted fear of crime and improving the quality of life of seniors.


Triad is a national program with the following features:

Crime prevention programs for older persons 
Information on how to avoid criminal victimization 
Expanded involvement in Neighborhood Watch 
Home security information and inspections 
Personal safety tips 
Knowledge of current frauds and scams 
Training in coping with telephone and door-to-door solicitations 
Elder abuse prevention, recognition and reporting information 
Training for deputies in communicating and helping older persons 
Reassurance programs for older citizens 
Telephone call-in programs by and for seniors 
Adopt-a-senior visits for shut-ins 
Buddy system for shut-ins 
Emergency preparedness plans by and for seniors 
Senior walks at parks or malls 
Senior safe shopping trips for groceries 
Victim assistance by and for seniors 
Court-watch activities 
Refrigerator cards with emergency medical information 
Older persons volunteering within law enforcement agencies